Of course, we hope you never have to make a claim, but if you need to contact us then you can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 0333 011 0563.

What to do after an accident

  1. Get medical help straightaway if this is required.
  2. Call the police – make sure they have all the details and ask for a copy of the police report, if applicable.
  3. Take photographs – of your injuries, the scene, and the damage to all vehicles involved.
  4. Get the contact details of any witnesses to the accident and ask them if they are happy to be a witness if it was to go to court.

Claim top tips

  • Get details from the other driver – or drivers if there are more than two cars involved. You will need:
    • Their full name
    • Their address
    • Their car registration number
    • Their telephone number
    • Their insurance details
  • Call the claims teams as soon as possible whilst the detail is fresh in your mind. Some Insurers enforce a charge if you don’t notify them within a certain timescale.
  • Keep on top of your claim’s communication and log conversations

How do i get updates on the progress of my claim

When you initially report your claim, the claim handler will provide you with a claim reference as well as contact number for updates

I have reported a claim and this is marked as fault but it was non-fault. Why is this?

It refers to whether your insurer has to pick up the costs rather than blame. Theft cases for example are not your fault in one sense but the insurer will be the one to pick up the costs and pay out.

What happens to my insurance policy after making a claim?

In the event of a fault claim being made against your policy, the insurer will require payment of the full annual premium in all circumstances, including any remaining instalments on your finance plan where applicable. Just to clarify a fault claim is recorded when an accident is either the driver’s fault or not the driver’s fault, but the cost can’t be claimed from another party.

Your insurer will not issue any return premium upon any amendments to your policy, such as a change of vehicle, where a reduction in premium may usually be due or cancellation of your policy.

Please be advised that if you are paying by monthly instalments and the policy is cancelled, any unpaid instalments will still need to be repaid and the cancellation will result in the full outstanding balance being due. We will however allow you to carry on your direct debit arrangement if this helps.

This also applies when a claim is still pending until it is fully closed as non-fault. At the point your claim is closed as non-fault it will be recalculated.

You will still be able to make amendments on your policy, such as a change of vehicle.

Remember we are here to support you in anyway. We appreciate that dealing with a claim can be stressful.