Insurance for Fast Food Delivery Drivers

At Quote Detective, we understand the unique challenges faced by fast food delivery drivers. Our insurance is designed to keep you and your vehicle protected while you deliver tasty meals to hungry customers.

Fast Food Car Insurance
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Key Features:

Coverage for accidents, theft, and damage to your vehicle. We work to get you competitive premiums to meet your fast food delivery driver needs.


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Comprehensive accident coverage for peace of mind.

Protection against theft or damage to your delivery vehicle.

Competitive excesses and flexible payment options.

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Fast Food Driver Insurance FAQs

It is a common misconception that “business use” will allow you to deliver fast food. You will need to have specific Fast Food Delivery Insurance (also known as Hire and Reward) cover that cannot normally be offered through price comparison sites, so be careful! Best off speaking to a specialist to make sure you are covered correctly. Quote Detective are Specialists! Let’s talk?

This will allow you to work with takeaways and fast food establishments to deliver food to hungry customers, including if you work for the likes of Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eat.

You wouldn’t need an extra insurance policy; you just need the right insurance policy that covers you correctly for Fast Food Delivery. The right cover would allow you to use your vehicle for Social Domestic and Pleasure (Going to the shops, doing the school run and visiting family and friends), as well as using the vehicle for fast food deliveries. Fast Food Delivery Insurance would generally cost a little bit more compared to standard vehicle insurance. This is because as a Fast Food Delivery Driver you can often cover more mileage or driving on the roads more at night. Better to pay the little extra than end up uninsured.

Short answer is no! If you were to deliver food through using your private vehicle policy, regardless if you had business use, you would be on your way to getting an IN10 (Driving Uninsured against third party risks) because you are delivering with the wrong usage, therefore, invalidating your insurance policy. We can get you insured correctly!

A standard vehicle insurance policy will not allow you to work with Just Eat. You would need a specialist policy called Fast Food Delivery Insurance (also known as Hire and Reward). We are specialists, Let’s talk!

Yes, because you will need to have Fast Food Delivery insurance before you can start working for Uber Eats. This is a also known as Hire and Reward. A standard vehicle insurance policy will not cover you to make deliveries.

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