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Owning a luxury or high-performance vehicle comes with its unique set of needs and requirements. We're here to provide you with specialised Prestige Car Insurance tailored to protect you.

Arranging insurance for a prestige vehicle shouldn't be a hassle. With over two decades of experience, our specialist team at Quote Detective is dedicated to making the process as simple and seamless as possible.

Why Choose OUR Prestige Vehicle Insurance?

Prestige vehicles deserve more than just standard motor insurance policies. Our personalised approach ensures that you receive comprehensive coverage designed specifically for your luxury car. Whether you own an exotic supercar, a high-end sports car or a luxury vehicle, we’ve got you covered.

Key Features of Our Prestige Car Insurance:

Expert Knowledge: Levels of excess and cover tailored to suit to your needs, including cover for supercars, hypercars, and luxury brands.

Sports and Entertainment: We can help professionals in these industries to find the right coverage. We welcome professional footballers, stars of the screen or stage, and many other occupations associated to the industry.

Luxury Multicar Policies: If you own two or more vehicles, we can arrange cover for all vehicles in your collection including your everyday vehicles.

Performance Car Insurance Guide

For owners of high-performance vehicles, we also offer Performance Car Insurance. Our specialist policies provide complete cover and high enough limits to deal with the unique requirements of top-of-the-range sports cars.

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Elevate Your Drive with our Prestige Vehicle Insurance

Quote Detective offers bespoke Prestige Car Insurance tailored for luxury vehicle owners, ensuring exclusive cover and expert knowledge for peace of mind on the road. Ready to protect your prestige vehicle with Quote Detective Prestige Car Insurance? Contact our team today for flexible terms and personalised insurance solutions.

Get a personalised quote tailored to your luxury vehicle and unique needs as we get a detective on the case…

Investigate Quote Detective’s comprehensive coverage options, extras and specialist knowledge.

Contact Quote Detective at 03330 110 562 to discover the ultimate protection for your high-end ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common queries to help you understand the ins and outs of our specialised insurance offerings, ensuring you make informed decisions to safeguard your luxury vehicle.

Generally any car over the value of £75,000 will be considered for our Prestige Car Insurance, including supercars and hypercars such as Ferrari, McLaren, Bugatti, as well as luxury brands such as Rolls Royce, Bentley and Aston Martin. We can also consider luxury electric vehicles such as the Tesla Model X.

Prestige Car Insurance provides tailored protection for high-value vehicles, ensuring comprehensive coverage for unforeseen events and peace of mind for owners.

Quote Detective specialises in sourcing the Prestige Car Insurance policies, offering expert knowledge, personalised solutions, and access to top insurers for comprehensive coverage at competitive rates.

Yes, Quote Detective offers options to include temporary drivers on Prestige Car Insurance policies, providing flexibility to suit your specific needs.

Yes, Prestige Car Insurance from Quote Detective typically covers driving in the UK and Europe. Additional extended cover may be available for further overseas travel.

Agreed Value is the pre-determined sum agreed upon by you and your insurer to cover your prestige vehicle, ensuring you receive the agreed amount in case of total loss or damage.

Market Value represents the current worth of your prestige vehicle in the market, considering factors like model, condition, and demand. It provides a baseline for insurance coverage.

Yes, once you purchase your Prestige Car Insurance policy, immediate cover can be arranged, allowing you to hit the road with confidence.

Quote Detective will notify you well in advance of your policy renewal date, offering competitive renewal premiums. You have the flexibility to decide whether to renew with us for another term.

To make changes to your policy, contact Quote Detective’s team who will assist you promptly, ensuring your Prestige Car Insurance meets your evolving needs.

We hope these have provided clarity on Prestige Car Insurance and the services offered by Quote Detective. For further assistance or to explore personalised insurance solutions for your prestigious vehicle, don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated team. We’re here to ensure your peace of mind on the road – take a look at our Trustpilot reviews here.

Prestige Car Insurance
Prestige Car Insurance
Prestige Car Insurance

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