Are you in the motor trade industry? Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, having the right insurance coverage is crucial - find out more below


who needs motor trade insurance?

If your business involves buying, selling, servicing, or repairing vehicles, you're legally required to have "road risks" insurance before hitting the road. At Quote Detective, we understand the unique needs of motor traders and offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your business.

Motor Trade Insurance

Start - up Coverage

Just starting out in the motor trade industry or been operating for years? We've got you covered. Our policies cater to businesses of all sizes and stages.

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Part - time Traders

Even if the motor trade isn't your full-time occupation and you buy and sell cars on the side, we can provide flexible coverage to suit your needs.

Motor Trade Insurance Bodywork

Premises or Home-based

Whether you operate from dedicated premises or work from home, our policies can be tailored to your specific business setup. Talk to us to find out more.

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Key Features:

At Quote Detective, we understand the unique needs of motor traders and offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your business.

Minimum age requirement of 25 years old.

Comprehensive coverage for road risks, vehicle recovery, selling and buying cars, transporting vehicles and repairing cars.

Specialised policies for first-time motor traders and those with previous convictions.

Why Choose Quote Detective?

With our expertise in the motor trade insurance industry, we offer peace of mind knowing that your business is protected. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure that you have the right coverage at competitive rates.


Join the growing number of motor industry traders who go to Quote Detective for their insurance needs

Comprehensive coverage for peace of mind.

Protection against theft or damage to your vehicles.

Competitive excesses and flexible payment options.

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motor trade Insurance FAQs

Motor Trade Insurance is tailored for businesses actively engaged in the motor trade industry. For example:

Car dealers

Mobile mechanics

Service and repair garages

Tyre fitters

Breakdown and recovery operators


Classic car restoration

Body shops

Coverage may vary based on vehicle classes and certain restrictions. Familiarising yourself with the policy’s definition of insured vehicles is crucial.

Coverage typically extends only to vehicles under your custody or control for business purposes.

Claims settlements depend on whether the vehicle is owned by the policyholder or a customer. Policyholder-owned vehicles are usually settled on a trade value basis, while customer vehicles are settled on a retail / market value basis.

Yes, as Private Motor Insurance often excludes motor trade use, having a dedicated Motor Trade Insurance policy is essential.

Yes, many Motor Trade Insurance products offer options for No Claims Discount protection. Consulting with a specialist Motor Trade Insurance broker can provide insight into the feasibility of this option.

Yes, performance vehicles may be included in your policy. However, it’s vital to verify this with your Motor Trade Insurance Broker, as some policies may have exclusions for specific vehicle types.

Protect your business and drive with confidence!